Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is about uniting with the right social media celebrity to the right brand to generate quality advertising that resonates and engages.

Viragram Media pre-screens and qualifies social media influencers based on the products and brands they already use and enjoy in their day-to-day life and match their interests.
The next step is to match the influencers in our database with the business, and business goals of the advertisers for the perfect fit.
From there, working with both the client and the influencer, a compelling piece of content is produced that will be shared through various social-mediums (such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube) to confirm reach, engagement and the growth of the client’s social maedia profiles and pages – leading to wider brand exposure, to the right audience.

Today’s consumers of advertising are frequently savvier and critical of the messaging they are seeing. Those days are now gone where associate advertising message and project were taken at face price. In an internet world wherever advertising is seen a lot of as interfering than valuable, advertisers have to find a new way to connect.

Advertisements from celebrities can be out of reach based on their existing affiliations and cost of doing business.
This convergence of factors has created an ideal storm for influencer promoting as a result of it solves the issues of access, to an added level of trust in the delivery of strong marketing messages.

That’s where we come in. We connect the dots and work with both the advertiser and influencer to create the message. An advertiser can now be advertised by someone who trusts them who is in turn, trusted by the market they wish to connect with.

Viragram Media may be a collective of industry-leading digital promoting professionals that job with and hold relationships with the biggest brands within the world.

Boasting a listing of over 10,000 social media influencers, each with large followings in almost every category from extreme sports, fashion, foodies, to music; we specialize in pairing businesses with like-minded social media icons who become brand ambassadors for your business.

Our creative process is founded on research and planning. While our strategy is frozen in manufacturing partaking content, and deploying it through Social Media, SEO, PPC, and Community Building initiatives.

Our management is fixed in Brobdingnagian expertise, and our news is backed by deep analysis and research – therefore you recognize specifically however every action has compact your business.